Hair Extensions are number one solution for glamming up your look. Clip-In Hair Extensions are easy to attach and can be perfectly matched with your own hair giving you longer hair, and added volume. These extensions can be clipped- in or out in minutes and are virtually undetectable. They are attached using pressure sensitive clips so that they don't cause damage to your hair.

Clip-In hair extensions are perfect solution for a quick and easy change of hairstyle. Use them to add length and volume without waiting for your hair to grow out, add highlights by choosing highlighted extension or lighter color without changing your own hair. Enhance your own hair with a set of clip in extensions.


Sew In Hair Extensions are the most popular hair attachment method due to straightforward technique .The Hair Weave technique involves firstly braiding the natural hair to create a sturdy foundation for the hair extension style. The hair weaves are applied in discrete rows that lie flat against your scalp ensuring the extension hair blends easily with your natural hair. Sew in weaves are easy to look after and extensions can be reused many times.


Micro Ring also known as micro bead or Micro-Loop hair Extensions, micro link hair extensions are also quite in demand these days. Micro Ring Hair extensions offer a convenient way to apply hair extension without the use of heat or glue. A metal pulling loop is used to thread the client's hair with small micro rings. Once the ring is on the client's hair the strand of hair is inserted into the ring and clamped flat. The extensions can be perfectly matched with your own hair giving you longer hair, low lights, highlights and added volume. The rings can be easily disguised in the client's hair and gives natural feel and look and these extensions can be reused.


Keratin-Tip is one of the most popular methods of semi-permanent hair extensions. They are sometimes referred to as "hot fusion" or "glue-in". The extension feature a keratin bond at the top, which is solid until melted with a hair extension tool. Strand by strand, a tip extension is applied to a similar sized piece of your own hair a bit away from the scalp to give flexible movement. Different shades can be selected to give lowlights or highlights. This type of extension can last from 4 to 6 weeks and can be reuse up to more. These extensions feel lightweight as the volume is equally divided and also gives freedom to do any hairstyle.


It is a covering worn on the crown or top of the head. Unlike hair extensions, it adds volume to your hair in areas that are prone to thinning on the crown and the sides giving you fuller look. New Star Wigs U-type hair extension are easy to attach and can be perfectly matched with your own hair giving you longer hair and added volume. These hair pieces can be colored to give lowlights or highlights and can be straighten or curled to create different look.


This is a Hair System that features as inset of transparent skin tone base at the crown, with the individual strands of human hair hand-tied neatly in to the base. Hair system look quite natural as the hair seem to be coming out from the real scalp. Sometimes referred to as "Medical wigs", these hair systems are commonly used by women with perfectly normal medical condition to enhance their look. Generally, Mono-Top wigs are recognized as a higher quality wig product and are hence more expensive.


New Star Wigs are specially designed to cater to the Indian market with special emphasis on the necessity wearers- those who suffer from hair loss due to various medical reasons like cancer or alopecia. The base of the wig are custom made cap to fit perfectly on the head and are fully adjustable caps, the mono filament base are added on the crown area that renders the wig virtually undetectable and gives freedom to part the wig in any direction. The hand tied knots to create the look of a natural hair line and appears like hair growth on the scalp.


New Star Wigs provides supreme quality Hair Replacement System that looks just like you own a full head of hair. Men who are experiencing hair loss and do not want to undergo a painful surgical procedure, you need look no further than the men's hair systems we offer to you at reasonable prices. We offer a vast variety of men's hair systems which include front lace hair system, monofilament hair systems, Swiss Lace hair systems, and much more. These hair systems can be attached with clips, weaving or bonding .These hair system are risk-free and a complete solution for natural hair-loss, our men's hair systems bring the freedom of multiple hairstyles and a completely natural look.


A big trend these days is adding a pop of color to your hair, but not everyone wants to commit to colored hair every day. Clip-In Strands of Color Extensions give you the freedom to have your favorite shade of color to your locks. New star wigs clip in strands are made from 100% high quality human hair and available in a variety of cool and vibrant shades. You can mix and match clip in strands of color and clip them in whenever you feel playful, it will merge flawlessly with your hair giving a natural look. The great thing about clipping in color extensions is you are never going to damage your hair. All you need is a few minutes to apply your cool wild color and spice up your look.


Everyone loves bangs, but the truth is a fringe haircut isn't exactly the perfect hairstyle for every face. There are few things worse than waiting for your hair to grow back from a cut you regret, awkward and frustrating! However, many women choose to never cut them in and use clip in bangs whenever the mood strikes with total freedom. These bangs will transform your look without the commitment to bangs. Made from 100% human hair, these bangs can change your look within seconds. Pick the color that matches your hair and style that frame your face perfectly. Secure it with the clips give on it and get an instant makeover.